Avicii - Wake Me Up - Conte Remix

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    My EP is FREE at: www.Patreon.com/JackConte
    This Song on iTunes: tinyurl.com/ConteWakeMeUp

    This is a 3D projection mapping music video for my rem


    My EP is FREE at: www.Patreon.com/JackConte
    This Song on iTunes: tinyurl.com/ConteWakeMeUp

    This is a 3D projection mapping music video for my remix of Avicii's Wake Me Up.

    I used Final Cut Pro 7 to line up all the images, and I built the 3D screens and surfaces out of foam core (the kind we used to use for science fair projects....).

    I didn't use any custom software or non consumer products to make this video - the projection mapping was done empirically by lining up images on foam core board and then cutting the board down to the appropriate sizes - no math or algorithms or projection mapping software.

    100% original sound design - no samples used.
    Filmed in one take, start to finish with an iPhone, two Canon Vixia home video cameras, and a Canon T3i.
    Recorded, mixed and mastered with Ableton Live 8.

    How I made the main bass sounds:
    I started with live guitar (my Nelson Coquette), pitch shifted it an octave down using the Electro Harmonix POG pedal, and ran it through the Big Muff Germanium.

    Then I used Ableton's Saturator to square off the waveform.

    I added three layers of Native Instruments Massive to add some breath and cracking to the top end of the spectrum, giving the bass a fuzzy "broken speaker" flapping sound.

    I also added a sub bass (pure sine wave) that doubled the live bass take.

    More info and in-depth tutorials for my patrons at: www.Patreon.com/JackConte

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    Sorry for the disclaimer - but I want to filter out the riff raff! I hope you like this video.

    I poured my HEART and SOUL into the sound design, mixing, projections, and set building.

    It took me more time than I even feel comfortable divulging in public! The point is this: I LOVE MAKING STUFF, and I want to make more.

    You might think that ad revenue has us YouTubers rolling in copious sums of filthy green - after all, people get rich and famous by getting millions of views on YouTube, right? Like for instance, my Daft Punk Skrillex mashup, that recently crossed 5 million views.

    I got BALLS RICH from that video, right? I bought a boat with a jacuzzi on top, filled it with Don Perrignon, and hired Tiesto to dj my private yacht party....right? Actually...

    I didn't get a single penny from that video.

    Not a cent! It took me 30 days to make the audio and two weeks to animate the visuals - and I didn't earn enough to pay for a gummy bear.

    I'm not talking about a 32 oz bag of gummy bears on Amazon for $12.99 - I'm talking about A.



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